Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nassau, Bahamas Family Photographer - Atlantis Beach, Kids Photos

Paradise Island is home to several miles of beautiful beach. It's no wonder it makes an ideal spot to take family portraits while on vacation. 

This family contacted me to do pictures for them while staying at Atlantis. The little girls enjoyed exploring the beach and I loved documenting them enjoying life together. We had a lot of fun with the Santa hats they brought which looked great with the native hibiscus shrubs. 

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eleuthera Videographer - Ride for Hope Bahamas 2013

If you're at all familiar with us at Frangipani Photography & Film you know that we love supporting worthwhile causes. Although we are not always able to spend as much time helping out as we would like, Brett was able to spend a weekend in October with Ride for Hope Bahamas. Ride for Hope is a a local charity that 'raises hope and resources to fight cancer'  Cyclists are sponsored for the event and for every mile they raise money comes in to help in the fight to treat & cure cancer. Some of the more determined riders ever peddle a grueling 100 miles.

If you're a cyclist or bike rider at any level we can think of no better way to spend a Saturday in October than the Ride for Hope in Eleuthera Bahamas.

Ride for Hope - 2013 - Bahamas from Frangipani Film on Vimeo.

Video description:
In it's 8th year, the annual Ride for Hope charity bike ride in Eleuthera, Bahamas was as successful as ever.
Strong wind and rains leading up to the big day threatened to put a damper on this year's event. Fortunately, the riders, volunteers and sponsors were not detered. Everyone remained in high spirits despite the weather and awoke to a beautiful sunshiny morning on Saturday, October 26th 2013.
Participants enjoyed riding up to 100 miles over all the lovely terrain the island of Eleuthera has to offer. From sleepy little fishing settlements to scenic hill top vistas & long stretches of beach, Eleuthera has it all.
Volunteers turned out in record numbers to offer enthusiastic support and encouragement for all the riders.
With each mile pedaled, dollars come in and every single one of those dollars is donated to cancer caring centers and cancer treatment programs.

Learn how you can get involved at
Check out some of the sponsors:

Soundtrack: Sunshine by Matisyahu from the Album Spark Seeker

Special Thanks to the Thompsons of Palmetto Point for helping make this video Possible.

Filmed and Edited by Brett Davis at

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nassau, Bahamas - Aerial Images & Video on a Budget

As anyone who own's a smartphone knows, technology is changing at an alarming rate. Gadgets are getting smaller and smarter than ever before. Digital cameras are no different. Almost every week it seems Canon and GoPro are releasing a new smaller lighter camera than the week before.

Most people, become frustrated from constantly having your new computer become obsolete the moment you get it home. Frangipani Photography & Film, however, thrives in this ever evolving environment.

New technology has allowed us to get creative and interesting footage in places previously thought impossible. From mounting a camera to Brett's helmet as he kitesurfs to strapping one to the barrel of a paintball gun.

The past year has seen sky high advancement in video tech and Frangipani Film has been keeping in step.  Brett spent 4 months of his summer building & training with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (a.k.a. UAV, Drone, or Quadcopter). This has made it simple to film what was previously only possible with a big hollywood budget and large helicopter films crews.  The impossible is now possible, and surprisingly affordable.  Take a look at the video below then call us today.

A Bird's Eye View - Aerial Cinematography from Frangipani Film Bahamas.

Footage captured in and around the many lakes of Minnesota. Great for commercials, documentary work or real estate.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Eden Praire, Minnesota Wedding Video - Babatunde & Katie's Film

This couple was so much fun. The entire wedding day was filled with jokes and lots of laughter.  It was obvious that they were in love by how comfortable they were with each other. In fact both of their families already clicked so well at the wedding, I am sure they are going to be great in-laws.

Everybody seemed to have the perfect thing to say to the newlyweds all day. From their charismatic pastor delivering a one of a kind sermon, tailor made for this great couple, to the hilarious toasts given by the father of the bride and best man.  The whole day was filled with laughs and heartfelt words. So many great things were said I had a hard time cutting any out for the video.

Not only did the Tim & Katie know how to laugh but they knew how to party. They ended out the evening with a celebration at the Garden Room in Eden Praire that included a lot of lively dancing.

My words don't do this couple and their big day justice, so without further adieu please enjoy this highlight film of their wedding:

Tim & Katie Wedding Video from Frangipani Film Bahamas on Vimeo.

Date: Aug 10th 2013
Cermony: Praire Lutheran Church
Reception: Garden Room at Eden Praire Center
Photographers: Minnesota Onsite Photography
Hundred More Years - Francesca Battistelli
Everything - Michael Buble
Let's Get it Started - Black Eyed Peas

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Foley, Minnesota Wedding Video - Matt & Kristy's Film

Although I was only with Matt & Kristy for a short time, it was still easy for me to see how much they were in love.  They are such a great match for each other. The couple was married in a quaint little church in the middle of farm country Minnesota.  Kristy did a great job of decorating the church, mostly by herself with a little help from Matt. From the intricate family portraits woven into the flower arrangements to the big crowd of family and friends, it was obvious how much love these two have for family and each other.  I had so much fun filming these two on their special day.
Despite not being a 'shotgun wedding' quite a few firearms did show up at the wedding.  You'll have to watch their video below to see what I am talking about. Enjoy.

Matt & Kristy Wedding Video from Frangipani Film Bahamas on Vimeo.

Date: August 3rd 2013 Outside Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota
Ceremony: Estes Brook Evangelical Free Church
Reception: Northern Lights Ballroom
Filmed and edited by Brett Davis

Monday, April 15, 2013

Nassau, Bahamas Family Photographer | Family Fun on the Beach

Looking at some of the photos of this happy family you'd think my job was easy. Although, I really enjoyed this beach session the photos don't always tell the whole back story.

This family was full of smiling faces and cheerful kids.  The hard part was getting them to all smile at the same time.  As every parent knows, two year olds are very inquisitive and very energetic. A combination that does not bode well for group photographs. Now multiply that by two. These two two-year olds loved the beach. If they weren't digging in the sand, they were running full throttle towards the ocean. They had a blast for sure.

Even though I had to run through the sand to catch these kids a few times I still I had alot of fun photographing them.  I really tried to capture some of that energy and curiosity in these images. I hope the photos below convey a little bit of their personalities to you. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Romance Portrait Photographer at The Cloisters

What makes the perfect wedding location? A tropical setting? Warm Caribbean sun?  Ancient French monuments? Whatever it is, The Cloisters seem to have it all in spades.  Located on Paradise Island a short walk from The Atlantis Resort the Cloisters are prominently situated in the Versailles garden’s of The Ocean Club.
In 2011 a delightful couple picked this ideal location as the venue for their wedding vows.  One year after their special day, they found themselves enjoying a Caribbean cruise which stopped at Nassau as a port of call. A short drive over the bridge to Paradise Island and these love birds were able to reminisce and remember their wedding day. Not wanting their memories to fade they decided to have some more photos taken to bring back home with them.
It was a pure pleasure to photograph this couple.  The hardest part was trying to find some photos to delete when I got home.  They were both just so gorgeous they made every captured image look great. From behind the lens it seemed like they had just said ‘I do’ yesterday.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Nassau, Bahamas TV Advertisement Video Production | Tell Your Story

Own a small business? Run a website? Looking to produce a high quality advertisement? Put the power of video to work for you!
Frangipani Film specializes in producing high quality films and videos at very affordable rates.  Best of all we offer some of the fastest turn around times in the industry. 
Whether you want to create a promotional commercial for TV (aka Television) or you want to generate more traffic on your website, Frangipani Film can help.  Video is the proven way to generate more buzz on social networks and drive consumers to your site or business.
Have a look at some of our recent work below.

Popop Studios Teaser from Frangipani Film on Vimeo.

Bahamas Paintball Association Promo from Frangipani Film on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nassau, Bahamas Birth Photography & Video | Baby Announcements with Style

After 9 long months of expectation and waiting, your little bundle of joy is finally here. Don’t let these fleeting moments pass you by.  Babies grow up so fast and change too quickly.  Capture these memories for a lifetime and show off your new addition to your family and friends across the globe. 

We’ve had family, friends and even a few strangers tell us that they have watched the video below over and over again.  Many of them even said it brought tears to their eyes.  There is simply nothing that can convey the joy and emotion of welcoming a new baby into this world like video.

Frangipani Photography & Film is proud to introduce the newest member to their family.

Birth Announcement - Baby Cody - Frangipani Film from Frangipani Film on Vimeo.