Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nassau, Bahamas - Aerial Images & Video on a Budget

As anyone who own's a smartphone knows, technology is changing at an alarming rate. Gadgets are getting smaller and smarter than ever before. Digital cameras are no different. Almost every week it seems Canon and GoPro are releasing a new smaller lighter camera than the week before.

Most people, become frustrated from constantly having your new computer become obsolete the moment you get it home. Frangipani Photography & Film, however, thrives in this ever evolving environment.

New technology has allowed us to get creative and interesting footage in places previously thought impossible. From mounting a camera to Brett's helmet as he kitesurfs to strapping one to the barrel of a paintball gun.

The past year has seen sky high advancement in video tech and Frangipani Film has been keeping in step.  Brett spent 4 months of his summer building & training with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (a.k.a. UAV, Drone, or Quadcopter). This has made it simple to film what was previously only possible with a big hollywood budget and large helicopter films crews.  The impossible is now possible, and surprisingly affordable.  Take a look at the video below then call us today.

A Bird's Eye View - Aerial Cinematography from Frangipani Film Bahamas.

Footage captured in and around the many lakes of Minnesota. Great for commercials, documentary work or real estate.

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