Monday, April 15, 2013

Nassau, Bahamas Family Photographer | Family Fun on the Beach

Looking at some of the photos of this happy family you'd think my job was easy. Although, I really enjoyed this beach session the photos don't always tell the whole back story.

This family was full of smiling faces and cheerful kids.  The hard part was getting them to all smile at the same time.  As every parent knows, two year olds are very inquisitive and very energetic. A combination that does not bode well for group photographs. Now multiply that by two. These two two-year olds loved the beach. If they weren't digging in the sand, they were running full throttle towards the ocean. They had a blast for sure.

Even though I had to run through the sand to catch these kids a few times I still I had alot of fun photographing them.  I really tried to capture some of that energy and curiosity in these images. I hope the photos below convey a little bit of their personalities to you. Enjoy.

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