Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nassau, Bahamas Birth Photography & Video | Baby Announcements with Style

After 9 long months of expectation and waiting, your little bundle of joy is finally here. Don’t let these fleeting moments pass you by.  Babies grow up so fast and change too quickly.  Capture these memories for a lifetime and show off your new addition to your family and friends across the globe. 

We’ve had family, friends and even a few strangers tell us that they have watched the video below over and over again.  Many of them even said it brought tears to their eyes.  There is simply nothing that can convey the joy and emotion of welcoming a new baby into this world like video.

Frangipani Photography & Film is proud to introduce the newest member to their family.

Birth Announcement - Baby Cody - Frangipani Film from Frangipani Film on Vimeo.

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