Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nassau, Bahamas Children Photographer | One year old portraits

Taking pictures of this little man was the highlight of my week. Seriously. There are few things more fun to me than crawling all over the floor and playing with a child with the goal of capturing their personality with my camera.

We were also able to make a playdate out of this portrait shoot. My son, Cody, is 3 months older and they've been friends from the time they were little babies.

I love his dark hair and dark eyes. Such a handsome little man. Quite the contrast to my blue-eyed, blonde baby. These boys go way back. These next photos were taken almost exactly a year ago.

And look at them now!

I am looking forward to watching these boys grow up together.
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  1. He is absolutely adorable! Will you be taking new pictures this year?