Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nassau, Bahamas Videographer - Aerial Video & Extreme Sports - Driven by Wind

Despite what many people think, living on a tropical island can become routine, just like living anywhere else in the world.  Although you can be surrounded by gorgeous caribbean waters, life happens, and you never seem to have enough time to enjoy where you live.  To ensure this didn't happen to me, last year I made a promise to dedicate more time to my passions, wind sports and filmmaking. These pursuits were the driving force behind the creation of the short video below. I wanted to capture some of the natural beauty The Bahamas has to offer from a slightly different perspective...the air... and being powered by it. Enjoy.
-Brett Davis, videographer at Frangipani Photography & Film

Driven by Wind from Frangipani Film on Vimeo.

Scenic shots in and around the island of New Providence in Nassau, The Bahamas.
Just a small taste of what life is like for wind junkies living on a tropical island.
Soundtrack C2C - The Cell
All footage was filmed and Edited by Brett Davis at

This video is a compilation of my kitesurfing clips from last year along with aerial helicopter footage of several Nassau landmarks.

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